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The not-so-regular (but always awesome) mix of some of the greatest house music in the world.

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What is Seven Deadly Spins?

Seven Deadly Spins is a free-to-listen, not-so-regular, mix of some of the greatest house tunes around. It aims to bring some of the latest house tunes, as well as some old-school house classics, to the masses, in a freely-available podcast. You can listen to the latest episodes of Seven Deadly Spins, or browse though the archives to find some old favourites.

If you like what you hear (or even if you don't) feel free to get in touch and express yourself! Tune recoomendations for the next episodes are always welcome, so if there's a particular tune you'd like to hear, then get in touch!

The Latest Mix

Get stuck into the latest episode of Seven Deadly Spins, where you'll also find a complete tracklist for each mix, as well as download links for each track.

As this is the first ever episode of Seven Deadly Spins, episode 001 is the latest mix! Enjoy!

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